QOH: Low

All Electric exam couch is fully motorised for effortless adjustment of height, backrest and legrest. A hand switch controls all functions and an additional footswitch controls the height only.
-Minimum height: 480mm
-Maximum height: 940mm
-Overall dimensions: 1955mmL x 710mmW
-200kg Safe working load
-3 Motors for height, backrest and legrest.
-6-Button hand switch controls all functions. Additional foot switch controls the height only.
-Activating the foot lever on one side of the couch will also raise/lower the wheel on the other side. This is particularly handy when the table is up against a wall, preventing the need to get down under the table to unlock a wheel.
-Leveling feet for perfect stability. Once in place, your couch will not rock.
-Retractable wheels for easy mobility. Just push one foot lever at either end, and the couch is on 4 wheels for relocation.
-True dual-backrest design where the legrest raises to 80° to become a backrest.
-Super strong construction with heavier base frame to prevent tipping
-Quality upholstery finish in grey or blue vinyl
-Maintenance free, no need for regular lubrication or adjustment
-5 Year frame warranty